YouRhythm 2.2 Catch the Rhythm on the Fly

By Jean-Paul G Noguès, French Music Composer — independent developer




Multiplateform Adobe Air App

WINDOWS & Mac OS X Compatible

Rhythmic Sight-reading from initiation to high level expertise


Increase your abilitiy to read, understand and share

any rhythmic pattern


A unique and universal, evolutive method for learning and training the rhythm at your own rhythm


10 difficulty levels and 4 beat values, to tackle and combine all 98 rhythmic figures possible in one beat : duple time, triplets, triple time, irregular meters


  • Very simple and intuitive interface
  • All Settings adjustable on the fly
  • Many possible time-signatures from 2 to 11 beats for 1 or 2 bars - Up to 4 bars in PC version (for Mac OS X & WINDOWS)
  •  Random changes on demand or automatically every 1 to 4 loops
  • Smart metronome with adjustable tempo, independent volume and 7 different "pulse" modes to subdivide the metronome beats
  • User tips and presets included as LEARNING PROCESS (for beginners) and TRAINING PROCESS (professional level)


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